All of the lawyers are supportive on a really high level, which means that they are also managed in a way so that the result is always excellent.

Their flexibility and willingness to understand the technology background of the project is appreciated.

They are able to understand technical parts of contracts, and they are very time flexible and effective.

Very high levels of professionalism, flexibility, and legal experience. They have a focus on client protection but with open minds to find win-win solutions between contractual partners.

You can always rely on them to do a perfect job. Besides the precise work and high-quality standards, the team also delivers proactive and flexible solutions, tailored to the client’s needs.

Excellent team work, outstanding experts in various fields, and very vast experience. They put together a fantastic team of experts.

The lawyers are skilled and efficient and one always gets the best legal advice.

The lawyers are skilled and efficient with legal expertise and comprehensive knowledge and experience across many different areas of law.

G Lehnert has many dedicated legal professionals who are well-versed in many specialised areas. Their wide specialisation brings a diverse background to the table, allowing one to turn to them in many areas.

The firm works quickly, flexibly, and is able to adapt to its clients’ business requirements.

The individuals are truly experienced and communicate highly professional topics understandably to non-professionals.

We appreciate the professionalism of the entire team of lawyers of the firm and also the pro-client approach. The solutions we need are offered clearly within the agreed deadlines. They have always been able to advise smart solutions.

The firm is generally very commercially minded, pragmatic and team oriented. They have been incredibly effective in challenging matters and the team has always secured expected, results adding value.

Throughout the years they have covered every part of our needs. They prove a high level of expertise, but what is more important to me, they are doing their best to also understand the business point of our cases. Clearly, they are a very good team, capable and flexible.

I have worked with many lawyers from this firm, and what I appreciate most is the constant quality of each of them. This means that not only the individuals are capable, but also the management of people and work is at a very professional level.

High level of knowledge – professional approach to clients – fast and prompt problem solving.

Our company has been cooperating with G. Lehnert for a very long time and considers this collaboration excellent and successful.

Concerning employment law, G. Lehnert consists of many dedicated legal professionals. The firm works quickly, flexibly and is able to adapt to our business requirements.

Overall, any lawyers of G. Lehnert are competent and maintain a high level of professionality in communication.

They provide solid and sound argumentation and their court presence is exceptional.