Department of companies and sole traders

Chief of the department – Mgr. Norbert Smaho

Activities of this department are focused on establishment and proper functioning of companies (from their formation to their cessation); as well as share acquisition of existing trade companies or ensuring the share dissolution.

In order to do so, lawyers of this department prepare all necessary documents related to the establishment of trade companies and their formation, changes of their internal conditions, as well as their termination and following dissolution. At the same time, they ensure all necessary authorization for business, as well as getting necessary entries in the Commercial Register or other registers. Of course, an integral part of the work of this department is a comprehensive preparation of General Assemblies of the trade companies, as well as preparation of statements and recommendations for clients, especially in the area of corporate law.

Department of commercial obligations and property law

Chief of the department – Mgr. Tomáš Luščoň

Legal service provided by this department is focused on the preparation of agreements regulating commercial obligations in various business areas, including the issues of security of commitments. Lawyers of this department also review agreement drafts or concluded agreements and respective claims arisen thereof. The natural part of the work of this department is to assess optimal legal solutions or procedures in accordance with client´s desired intentions and also to elaborate legal analysis, mainly in the area of commitment law.

This department also provides legal assistance in the area of labour law. Department also assists the clients in the issues regarding property law including the preparation of all necessary contractual and other documents in this area.

Department of civil and procedural law

Chief of the department – Mgr. Vladimír Jakubička

The department is mainly focused on the representation of clients in the civil proceedings (including bankruptcy proceedings) and execution proceedings. In addition, the department also deals with legal analysis in civil law (in broader terms) and administrative law (especially the issues in food industry and health care). It also provides legal assistance in the area of the protection of personality, competition law (including the issues of unfair competition), intellectual and industrial property and in the area of execution proceedings.