Mgr. Vladimír Jakubička

Mgr. Vladimír Jakubička

  • IP and IT law
  • Arbitration, litigation, and dispute resolution
  • Unfair competition and anti-trust law
  • Commercial, civil, and administrative law
  • Foodstuff labelling and advertising


The approach of Mgr. Jakubička is appreciated by many for its ability to provide a comprehensive analysis with reflection on the details to solve the case. He leads our Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, IT/IP and Competition team of lawyers. He not only applies strategies to his work aimed at achieving realistic goals, but also applies the counter-party perspective essential for a lawyer. The implementation of possible counterarguments into the resolution of client matters provides an opportunity to see other, non-traditional dispute resolution options (current or even possible in the future), which Mgr. Jakubička specializes in. Mgr. Jakubička is internationally recognized in the field of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution and is regularly published in the international Legal500 rankings.


  • advising on intellectual property rights to a foodstuff producer in relation to a dispute with one of the major manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • advising IT systems corporations in relation to providing IT services to major banks in Slovakia and the Czech Republic
  • advising a client doing business in catering and restaurants in relation to creating a franchise
  • successfully representing one of the major and most-popular fast-food corporations before the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic in several litigations concerning intellectual property and trademark rights
  • representing a major fertiliser manufacturer in international arbitration concerning intellectual property rights
  • representing a client operating in the fertiliser business in an international arbitration. The dispute relates to an alleged claim by the opposing party for payment of a royalty for the use of a manufacturing process designed by the opposing party and proprietary copyrights in that process
  • representing a client in cross-border litigation relating to trade and other claims
  • comprehensive legal advice to the client in connection with the takeover of the customer tribe of a former business partner (distributor) associated with the successful assertion of the client's claims against this entity
  • representation of the client in complex disputes over the settlement of ownership and use rights to land forming (not only) the client's farmyard
  • representation of heirs in complicated cross-border inheritance proceedings and assertion of their inheritance rights in inheritance proceedings initiated in Slovakia
  • representation of the client in connection with the declaration of invalidity of the contested trademark, which we propose in these proceedings on the grounds that the conditions for registration of the contested trademark in the Register of Trademarks were not met under the regulations in force at the time of its registration, since the contested trademark at the time of its registration lacked distinctive character and consisted solely of an indication serving in commerce to determine the characteristic of the goods applied for
  • representing a client - a manufacturer of medical devices in connection with unfair conduct of a direct competitor on the medical device market in connection with infringement of the client's trademark rights. Representing the owner of trademarks for medical devices in relation to imitators on the Slovak market
  • representation of a client in a matter of infringement of the rights to its trademarks committed by a state budget organisation
  • representing the client in opposition proceedings and in proceedings for revocation of a trademark against a sign threatening its portfolio of key trademarks
  • representing a client in opposition proceedings against a major sports drinks manufacturer
  • representing a client in a trademark dispute with a company that owns one of the largest supermarket chains in Poland