Mgr. Imrich Kropuch

Mgr. Imrich Kropuch

Year of birth:



  • second university degree in law; Faculty of Law, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice

Practice of law:

  • October 2002 – September 2003 – Lawyer specializing in public procurement and enforcement of claims at Regional Police Department in Prešov
  • October 2003 – June 2006, Chief Advisor at Office of the Ombudsman
  • July 2006 – February 2008, Lawyer specializing in litigation at DÔVERA zdravotná poisťovňa, a.s.
  • January 2009 – June 2011, Legal Trainee at G. Lehnert, k.s.
  • June 2011 – present, Associate at G. Lehnert, k.s.

Other positions:

  • April 2008 – December 2008, Administration manager at LOANWORLD FINANCE LIMITED, UK

Publication activity:

In Textbooks of the International Conferences organized by the Ombudsman:

  • Textbook (Bratislava 2004), International Conference on Position of the ombudsman in democratic and legal state. Article published: Position of the Ombudsman in the System of Public Authorities
  • Textbook (Bratislava 2004), International Conference on Children’s rights and their protection. Article Published: Parenthood – interaction of rights and obligations arising thereof
  • Textbook (Bratislava 2005), International Conference on Protection of fundamental rights and freedoms regarding the application of criminal law. Article published: The right of the defence in criminal proceedings against a juvenile
  • Textbook (Bratislava 2005 International Conference on Rights of children for living standard necessary for their physical, mental, moral and social development. Article published: Different approaches of parents to the emigration of a juvenile abroad

Major projects:

  • comprehensive legal arrangement of acquisition of more than 20 legal entities doing business in the area of vegetable and livestock production, including acquisition of proprietary assets through sale of part of enterprise covering farmland with total area of several tens of thousands of hectares;
  • continual providing of comprehensive legal counselling to client in the area of cooperative law in doing business as cooperative, including transformation of cooperatives and disposition with cooperative share certificates;
  • overall management of interest acquisition of client in joint venture representing one of major providers of hybrid mail in Europe;
  • drafting of complete transaction documents for client connected with accession of third party (one of the major oil and gas companies in the Central Europe region) into joint venture representing one of the major providers of information systems for fuel stations in Slovakia;
  • providing of comprehensive legal support in separating assets of client in agricultural production in the Eastern Slovakia into distinct entities and arranging for subsequent sale of one of the entities to third party;
  • providing of comprehensive legal services in merging of client with other production companies (enterprises) resulting in unifying business of the client in the area of production of mineral waters and other non-alcoholic beverages in Slovakia;
  • representation of clients in commercial dispute (and in connected fractional court proceedings) concerning protection of legal position of clients as shareholders in company with major development investment and connected protection of proprietary interests of the clients in the company;
  • providing of comprehensive legal services in rearranging internal relationships in shareholders structure in separate company prior to acquisition of self-service fuel stations as well as of other assets necessary for their operation;
  • legal support in acquisition of shares in major Slovak pharmaceutical company;
  • overall arrangement of interest structure of client in its agricultural business in the entire area of Slovakia by means of diversifying of its interest, resulting in establishing of several tens of new entities, making of tens of non-pecuniary investments (as shares in companies, membership shares, shares or enterprises) into registered capital or transfer of shares;
  • comprehensive arrangement of internal relations in shareholder structure of client prior to acquisition of exclusive interest in one of the biggest providers of printing, servicing and direct marketing services in the Central Europe in the mail services market;
  • providing of comprehensive legal services in the course of sale of share of client in company doing business in the area of woodland management at woodland with area of several hundreds of hectares situated in single cadastral area.

Knowledge of foreign languages:

English language, German language (passive)