JUDr. Lucie Schweizer

JUDr. Lucie Schweizer

  • Corporate law, M&A, Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Energy law
  • Financing
  • Commercial, civil, and administrative law



JUDr. Schweizer is a partner and shareholder with extensive experience in executing projects and transactions for clients. In G. Lehnert, in addition to advocacy, she focuses on the fundamental design of projects and high value-added products. She has extensive experience as a lecturer and author of professional articles and publications. Her heart specialty is Compliance and Corporate Governance (she is one of the 4 Compliance lawyers listed in the Top 100 Lawyers of former Czechoslovakia), but she is not lagging in other typically transactional specialties. JUDr. Schweizer's strengths lie in brainstorming, unconventional insights, and visions, which she then combines into new insights and client-oriented solutions. This is also why she leads our Transaction team and our Compliance and Strategy team. JUDr. Schweizer is regularly ranked in international rankings by Legal500, Chamber and partners and IFLR, and she also covers the international cooperation agenda for us.


  • devising strategies for the resolution of disputes and compensation claims including proposals to settle legal relationships affected by defective products potentially involving high damages in supplier-customer and labour contracts
  • participating in more than 250 acquisitions worth EUR 1 bn. and coordinating cross-border due diligence, proposals, comments, and negotiating contractual documentation
  • risk analyses of the implications of inside and outside processes in terms of Compliance and criminal liability of corporations, advising on AML, Anti-corruption, Gift/Donation guidelines, conflicts of interest, internal fraud, etc., implementing inhouse compliance processes including Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics
  • devising strategies for defusing and resolving conflicts and high-risk situations affecting the day-to-day functioning of corporations
  • proposing and devising strategies regarding forms of cooperation in joint ventures or joint investments
  • legal services in connection with the formation of a joint venture for the construction of an ethanol distillery in Aira, India. The legal advice was complex in nature and included very detailed arrangements for the mutual shareholder rights and obligations in the management and administration of the 50/50 joint venture in India
  • a joint venture for the purpose of constructing a railway carriage manufacturing facility in India. In addition to the corporate advice related to the establishment of the joint venture, the legal services were also related to the setting up of mutual supplier-customer relationships related to the supply of railcars in the framework of the procurement for the Indian Railways
  • protecting the client from successful fraudulent activity in the form of a scam. Legal services consisted of setting strategy against the beneficiary bank abroad, coordinating procedures in multiple jurisdictions, successfully negotiating the case out of court in favour of the client, and initiating an international process to uncover an organized group engaged in the laundering of proceeds of crime
  • providing comprehensive legal advice to the client on the purchase of a residential project in a lucrative area of the United Arab Emirates in the so-called Off Plan phase and coordinating the entire process from negotiation to registration in the Land Registry, communication with the broker, seller, developer, etc.
  • representation of the client in the legislative process and participation in the AML/CTF and Corporate Criminal Liability expert group at the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic in the preparation and submission of draft amendments to the criminal regulations
  • for an international client operating in the field of digital processing and remote management of energy and water consumption data, we revised its contracts with business partners regarding the processing of their customers' personal data, as well as the client's related internal organizational regulations, thereby setting the protection of the personal data processed by the client to a new higher standard
  • identification of potential money laundering risks along the client's entire operation, design of internal anti-money laundering policies, design of individual legal documents, as well as tailor-made training for affected employees and the client's external contractors