JUDr. Lucie Schweizer

JUDr. Lucie Schweizer

  • Corporate law, M&A, Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Energy law
  • Financing
  • Commercial, civil, and administrative law



JUDr. Schweizer is a legal practitioner with many years of experience and extensive knowledge of project implementation and transactional work. In addition to practising law, at G. Lehnert she is responsible for the project and product design with high added value. She is also an experienced lecturer and authored many legal research papers and publications. She has a penchant for Compliance a Corporate Governance (as one of four Compliance practitioners on the list of 100 most notable lawyers of former Czechoslovakia) and is equally skilled to advise on other types of transactional businesses. JUDr. Schweizer is an excellent brainstormer, offering new perspectives and views to find the best client-oriented solutions. This makes her the ideal person to head our Compliance and Strategies teams. JUDr. Schweizer is highly ranked by Legal500, Chamber and partners and IFLR and is in charge of international cooperation at G. Lehnert.


  • Devising strategies for the resolution of disputes and compensation claims including proposals to settle legal relationships affected by defective products potentially involving high damages in supplier-customer and labour contracts
  • Participating in more than 250 acquisitions worth EUR 1 bn. and coordinating cross-border due diligence, proposals, comments, and negotiating contractual documentation
  • Risk analyses of the implications of inside and outside processes in terms of Compliance and criminal liability of corporations, advising on AML, Anti-corruption, Gift/Donation guidelines, conflicts of interest, internal fraud, etc., implementing inhouse compliance processes including Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics
  • Devising strategies for defusing and resolving conflicts and high-risk situations affecting the day-to-day functioning of corporations
  • Proposing and devising strategies regarding forms of cooperation in joint ventures or joint investments